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Warranty Service

  • Return of goods

    Goods may be returned within 14 days of delivery of the goods. When returning goods, you must present proof of purchase and comply with the following conditions:

    • each returned product must be in its original and undamaged packaging;
    • the goods have not been used;
    • the goods have not been damaged;
    • the goods have not been removed from the original labels (protective films, labels, etc.)
    • the returned goods are complete and in good condition.

    If the reason for returning the goods is faulty quality, the seller will replace the goods with a similar one or refund the money paid.

    Warranty service

    All products are covered by the warranty period set by the manufacturer. If a product fails during the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge.

    The guarantee will only apply if the product's conditions of use, as set out in the operating instructions, have not been violated. If the buyer returns any quality, undamaged goods, a service charge will apply for each such return. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we ask you to carefully read the operating instructions of the product.

    Please note that the warranty is not applicable to defects of household appliances caused by:

    • improper use;
    • faults in the power supply network;
    • short circuits caused by foreign bodies;
    • use of chemicals not designed for such purposes;
    • the guarantee is not applicable to the parts that are subject to normal wear and tear during use and whose lifetime depends on the use of the appliance - light bulbs, glass, ceramic, rubber, textile and paper parts.

    The guarantee does not apply if the appliance is repaired by anyone other than an authorised person.

    Always present the proof of purchase and the warranty card when returning the goods for warranty repair. Please note that all the expenses you incur for transporting the product to the Guarantee Department and back will be covered by the Customer.

    Settlement of Disputes

    If you have a complaint about goods purchased in our online shop, please fill out the online dispute resolution form on the EGS platform: